Health Technology has come a long way since the invention of health instruments like eyeglasses and stethoscope. Technology in the health care industry is driven by factors such as a broader availability of mobile internet, an expansion of an affluent middle class and increasing knowledge innovations in both developed and developing nations. And these technologies are changing faster than ever. This means there’s a need to keep up with these changes.

According to the World Economic Forum, more than half of the medical industry’s workforce is predicted to need some form of tech related skill¬† upgrade. Some of these technologies changing healthcare are also at the same time effecting other industries. You can see and learn more about some of these tech from a list of the 10 hottest medical technologies in 2019.

Crystal Medical is fully aware of these rapid changes caused by these new wonderful medical technologies, and is constantly making concrete efforts to keep up with these trends. It’s achieving this by organizing regular trainings and workshops for its personnel to update their knowledge and on how to use some of these tech. We are also in frequent communication with our partners in Australia, US and China to supply the Nigerian consumers any latest equipment in demand.